San Diego Zoo

Flora of San Diego Zoo

When we think of zoos we imagine animals like gorillas, giraffes and other rare and exotic species but many zoos are so much more.  Numerous zoos around the world also showcase a plethora of flora along with their fauna and are considered botanical gardens as well as zoological parks.  Expanding your senses beyond the playful…


blue morpho

Niagara Park’s Butterfly Conservatory

Imagine a colourful, magical world full of butterflies and that is what you’ll find at Niagara Park’s Butterfly Conservatory.  Located 10 minutes from Niagara Falls on the grounds of Niagara Park’s Botanical Gardens.  The Butterfly Conservatory opened in 1996 and at 11,000 square feet is North America’s largest glass-enclosed Butterfly Conservatory.  Here you’ll find 45…