Webcams in Zoos

Sumatran tiger

Smile you’re on camera

Spying On Zoo Life

With the luxury of the internet, and the advent of webcams in the early 1990’s zoos jumped on the tech train.  Many zoos all over the world from the Vancouver Aquarium in Canada to the USA’s Smithsonian National Zoo and across the pond at the London Zoo (ZSL) now have a variety of webcams, accessible from their websites, on a variety of species.

Many webcams offer insight into the daily lives of animals from their outdoor enclosures and even in maternity dens.  Which is great if a mother and her new offspring are off display, this allows you to still see them.

So next time you want to check out a zoo but can’t make it there, whether it’s your local zoo or a zoo on the other side of the world, travel there with a virtual visit to your favourite zoo through their webcam and spy on zoo life.

A Short List of Zoos with Webcams:


2 thoughts on “Webcams in Zoos

  1. This is great to read! I love zoos that live stream their animals. There is another zoo in the Netherlands that often live stream things, e.g. the birth of an animal. They also have 2 Vloggers that highlight all kind of things of the zoo every week. Really interesting! You might be interested to see it =) This zoo is called Burgers Zoo.

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