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San Francisco Zoo: Walking about the Outback to Bear Country

Have you ever trekked Australia’s Outback?  How about South America’s rainforests? Have you seen a bear in the wild? Well, if these are some of the items on your bucket list than perhaps a stroll through San Francisco Zoo’s Outback Walkabout, encounters with some amazing South American animals and getting up close with bears in…


San Francisco Zoo: Savanna to Singing Siamangs

San Francisco Zoo – Savanna to Singing Siamangs

“Where am I, Africa?”, I thought to myself as I entered San Francisco Zoo’s Africa Region.  Ahead of me was a sprawling, 3 acre, savanna with beautiful oryx grazing alongside zebra, duiker, zudu and even ostrich and crowned cranes.  Standing guard, with hunched shoulders and permanent scowl, perched on a massive nest was the marabou stork.  Then…

San Francisco Zoo

San Francisco Zoo

When someone says San Francisco images of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and Pier 39 spring to mind, but one of my favourite attractions is the San Francisco Zoo. Established in 1929, the San Francisco Zoo is now home to over 1000 animals that represent over 250 species from around the world and all on a…