Durrell: Going Batty for Bats and Lemurs

In the final chapter of my visit to the Durrell Wildlife Park I continue on the last leg of the park through the Island Bat Roost to Lemur Lake and finally to the Gerald Durrell Story exhibition. Much like the gorilla enclosure, the Island Bat Roost was built with the help of over 400 people…


black and white ruffed lemur

New at the London Zoo

Every time I’m in London I can’t help but visit the London Zoo. Not only is it one of my favourite zoological parks but they are always expanding, changing and making it even better so there is always something new at the London Zoo. This year the zoo has two awesome new exhibits that are sure to…

San Francisco Zoo: Savanna to Singing Siamangs

San Francisco Zoo – Savanna to Singing Siamangs

“Where am I, Africa?”, I thought to myself as I entered San Francisco Zoo’s Africa Region.  Ahead of me was a sprawling, 3 acre, savanna with beautiful oryx grazing alongside zebra, duiker, zudu and even ostrich and crowned cranes.  Standing guard, with hunched shoulders and permanent scowl, perched on a massive nest was the marabou stork.  Then…