Bronx Zoo

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Open in 1899, the Bronx Zoo is the largest metropolis zoo in the United States at 265 acres.

With only a 20 minute walk to the zoo from our hotel we headed out after breakfast.  By the time we arrived at the zoo through our clothing was utterly drenched, but our spirits not damped as we set off on the adventure of visitors to a new zoo.  With beautiful greenery and cheery blossom trees welcoming us in to the zoo we first turned towards the Himalayan Highlands.  A cobblestone path lined with bamboo took us to our first exhibit.  Jungle World, rich rain forest habitats full of so many amazing animals in authentically real environments that also seem to envelop you. It was here that we met a frolicking tapir, named Daniell.  Also in her enclosure were white-cheeked gibbons who appeared to come out of the trees and down closer to the tapir’s beach to watch her playing in the water and traipsing through the sand.

Wandering out of Asia we stumbled into Africa to see a lioness watching over her three cubs as they chased and pounced on each other.  Then to the Baboon Reserve which is among the largest primate exhibits in the US.  The reserve was full of rolling hills and rocky outcrops and home to Gelada Baboons, Nubian ibex as well as rock hyraxes.  An amazing interspecies exhibit.


Although this is only the frosting on the cake that was our day at the Bronx Zoo…I want to express my sure love of their many exhibits that seem to wrap around you and transform you to a different country or habitat and totally emerses you in that particular environment.  With so many impressive habitats, numerous interspecies exhibits and many interactive and informative stations I highly recommend this zoo!

Check back for more on my Bronx Zoo experience and much more!


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