…Bronx Zoo continues..

Comical Hornbill

I apologize for the delay in continuing my blog of the amazing zoos that I visited down in the States.  With another trip to Mexico for my best friend’s wedding under my belt, I am back to writing…

And so I return to the World of Birds…

Heading for the second floor of the World of Birds you come out of the building into the natural canopy of the forests of the Bronx Zoo and take the winding path back into the building onto the second floor.  The first canopy exhibit houses the disproportionate looking hamerkop, one of which sat on the railing watching us as we came in.  Even further above our heads in a tree sat their enormous nest; which can reach 1.5 metres in length and strong enough to support a full grown man.  Verging on friendly he approached me, perched again on the rail, looking at me curiously.

Also in the canopies of the second floor was a comical red-knobbed hornbill. He appeared personable and maybe even playful – for when we walked away to another exhibit he would hop up to the glass and look at us.  When we approached again he would hop back to his knobby trees.  Again we played the game – walk away – he hops to glass – we approach – he perches back in the trees.  I felt like I was actually connecting with this beautiful bird.  Interacting in any small form for zoo visitors is a big part of the experience we get from zoos.  It’s that connection with an animal that tugs on our heart strings and makes us care for their well being and hope for the best for their species.  I will never forget that frisky hornbill!


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