Wrapping Up Visit To the Bronx Zoo

gila monsterFrom the instint it opened at 10am in the pouring rain we explored the zoo.  By afternoon it was clear and bright and before we closed the park for the day we headed to the Reptile House.  One of the original buildings of the Bronx Zoo, the Reptile House was built in 1899 and as we approached you could feel the history.  Or, maybe that was history in the making with the Bronx Zoo’s newest celebrity, Mia the juvenile Egyptian cobra.  In the month before our visit this sneaky snake escaped from its enclosure and with much publicity was found and named by the public.  Putting a figurative face on a snake created a buzz of activity and a new love for many people.  When we visited Mia was being housed in a lidded tank in her enclosure and believe me this little hiccup certainly didn’t look to have slowed her down.  Her slim, two-toned beautiful body slithered around her home as a crowd watched on.

The Bronx Zoo has become one of my most favourite zoological parks I’ve visited.  Even with a full day of exploration I’m sad to say I missed a few exhibits, including a major one, the Congo Gorilla Forest.  I merely believe it fate, as an excuse to return and further explore its exceptional exhibits.


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