US West Coast Zoo Adventure

Stephanie MayoFor those of you who don’t read my travel blog – The World As I See It, you might not know but today Lady of the Zoos leaves for my biggest zoo adventure to date!  I leave today and am flying into San Diego and it’s from there that I’ll start my US West Coast Zoo Adventure.  I’ll be traveling up the west coast of the United States and stopping in San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.  I’ll be visiting zoos and aquariums in every city I visit and am thrilled to say that all of them are hosting my visit!  I am truly honoured to be welcomed into some of the worlds most influential and fantastic zoo establishments.

Where will I be going?

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Safari Park

Santa Barbara Zoo

San Francisco Zoo

Oregon Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo

Seattle Aquarium

What can you expect? I’ll be taking a few tours from staff of these facilities, as well as exploring them myself, so there will be truck loads of insider information, cute animal photos, interesting facts on history, animals and conservation and so much more!  If you’ll like to stay up to date on where I am and what I’m doing follow me on TwitterFacebook and Instagram!

Let the US West Coast Zoo Adventure begin!

Have you been to any of these zoos? If so, what was your favourite part?


6 thoughts on “US West Coast Zoo Adventure

  1. What a great trip that will be! If you have any leeway in itinerary, you might also consider: Monterey Bay Aquarium, Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma.

  2. You’re going to love the San Diego Wild Animal Park!!! I’m not usually fond of zoos, but the amount of space the animals have, the habitats, and the safari are fabulous! Don’t forget to go to the butterfly sanctuary. Have a great time! 😀

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