Lady of the Zoos Turns 3

ladyofthezoosturns3From what began as a road trip through 4 states, exploring 4 big cities and visiting 4 new zoos and describing those zoos, their history and their amazing animals through a small, unknown blog Lady of the Zoos, I began to help me compile my work on a book I hoped to writer about Zoos Around the World – Lady of the Zoos has evolved and today turns 3!

I had no idea back then that people all over the world would be excited to read of my zoo adventures, or that I would be visiting more zoos and aquariums with the help of this blog, like my current US West Coast Adventure where I’ll be visiting 4 zoos and 2 aquariums who are all hosting my visit!

I’m thrilled at the evolution Lady of the Zoos has taken, from post about my visits to zoos to include pieces on astonishing animals, Wildlife Ambassadors, Zoo Life, conservation issues and great places to enjoy wondrous Wild Spaces.

Here are Lady of the Zoos’ Top 5 Posts of All Time:

1. The Evolution of Zoos
2. Dian Fossey
3. Georgia Aquarium
4. Founders of World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
5. Penguins Splash While Monkeys Groom at London Zoo

I also want to say “Thank You” to each and every one of my readers, I truly appreciate your interest, your comments and taking time to enjoy Lady of the Zoos!

I’d love to hear what you like best about Lady of the Zoos, what your favourite post is or what you’d like to see more of!


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