Pay it Forward with Liebster Awards


While on my US West Coast Adventure I got some cool news!  Since I started blogging a few years ago I kept seeing many of my favourite travel bloggers nominated for this award and I always thought wouldn’t that be awesome, but never did I actually conceive of myself being nominated.  Then a strange fortune flew my way via Cristina of Chronicles of a Travel Addict when she nominated me, among some amazing fellow bloggers, I was in shock!

liebsterawardWhat is a Liebster Award? Turns out it’s a chain letter for bloggers but in a grand pay it forward fashion.

Here are the Rules:
1.  Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to his or her blog.
2.  Answer the 10 questions by the nominee before you.
3.  Nominate 10 of your favourite blogs with fewer than 200 readers*, and notify them of their nomination.
4.  Come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
*like Cristina I’m bending the rules and have chose some of my new favourite bloggers, not because of their numbers but on how they inspire me and pull me in with their pieces.

Liebster Award Acceptance: “Pay it Forward”

I’m sending out a big virtual hug and thank you to Cristina of Chronicles of a Travel Addict for this kind nomination.  I’m not only surprised but so excited for this nod and to be able to pay it forward.  Cristina is a true creative soul who’s great at weaving intrigue, fun light hearted charm and a passion for all things travel.  The more I read from her and about her I’m fascinated by her knowledge of languages, her pure curiosity and of course her love for animals!  I’ve yet to meet her but hoping our paths cross while I’m in Portland.

Q. & A.
1.   Please share a photo of yourself at one of your favorite destinations.

This is me at the Colosseum in Rome. Rome and Italy for that fact is definitely one of my favourite places to visit for its history and  energy is palpable.Me in Rome

2. Do you consider yourself a writer or a blogger?

To me I’m both.  I’ve always had a passion for writing and up until about 5 years ago only wrote fiction and poetry.  I do think there is a difference but I feel I wear many hats and both a writer and a blogger are but two of them.

3.  Do you have any pet peeves about other travelers/tourists?

One of my biggest pet peeves is judgement of travelers and tourists – we are all travelling and exploring this world in our own way, on our own journey.  Another, and this is connected to the first, is being inconsiderate of others, whether locals or fellow travelers.

4.  Is there anywhere in the world you are afraid to visit, and why?

Sadly the one place that has been on my list for as long as I can remember is Egypt and though I know a few people who have gone and enjoyed it, the reports of attacks on tourists has somewhat scared me from going. But that’s not to say that I won’t go – I will!

5.  Are there any regrets you have about past travels?

I can only think of one regret and that is not riding in a gondola while I was traveling in Venice with two friends.  But with that said, it doesn’t weigh on me as I know I’ll return and get into a gondola!

6.  Do you have pets? If so, who takes care of them while you’re away?

Do I ever!  I have two amazing cats that I adopted from a local shelter, a box turtle brimming with personality and a lizard, mali-uromastyx, otherwise known as my little dinosaur.  I’m fortunate to say that my father and aunt take care of my little zoo while I’m off exploring.

7.  Do you prefer to travel alone or with someone else? Why?

When I first started really traveling almost 10 years ago I only traveled with friends and/or family and never thought I’d travel alone.  But last year for my birthday I took my first trip alone and just returned from another.  I love both methods of travel, they both have their pros and cons.  If someone wants to travel with me I welcome them, but if no one can I don’t let that hold me back.

8.  What is your earliest memory of wanting to travel?

I remember as a child learning of ancient Egypt and feeling in love with everything about it from the hieroglyphs to the beautiful Nefertiti to its treasures and curses.  Ever since then I’ve longed to visit Egypt, the pyramids, the Nile and seeing it’s rich history.

9. Name your favorite book and your favorite movie.

My favourite book is a tough one, I’m sure I have a favourite in every genre I read – I LOVE reading!  But if I had to choose one of them it would be Gorillas in the Mist by Dian Fossey – it inspired me to live my life dedicated to educating people of the plight of wildlife and all of the beauty they possess.  As for my favourite movie – one of them is An American Rhapsody – it inspired me to visit Budapest, a city I immediately fell in love with!

10.  Who or what inspires you?

People who dedicate their lives to saving wildlife and their habitats.  They don’t do it for money, they don’t do it for fame; people like Fossey, Goodall, the Adamsons and many more do it out of a strong passion!

Liebster Award Nominees

Victoria, from Postcards from Travel Pizazz

Marysia, from My Travel Affairs

Melissa, from The Mellyboo Project

Ashley, from A Southern Gypsy

Dawn, from Life, Love and Adventure

Nadine, from Begin with a Single Step

Rebecca, from Leaving Cairo

Angela, from Angela Travels

Kate-Frankie, from This Could Lead to Anywhere

Jennifer & Matthew, from Two Weeks in Costa Rica

10 Questions for the Nominees

1. What is your must have travel accessory?

2. Would you choose a beach, a jungle or a city? Why?

3. What is your favourite travel book? Why?

4. How has travel changed you?

5. What is your favourite quote?

6. What is your favourite animal?

7. What is your favourite travel memory?

8. What is your favourite photo who’ve taken on your travels? Why?

9. What is your preferred method of transportation in a city? (foot, bicycle, car, bus)

10. Have you ever gotten lost in a city? If so, what happened?


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