…Philadelphia Zoo continues…

Exiting the Rare Animal Conservation Center we headed for the Reptile House.  Housing over 125 species of reptiles and amphibians and on the day we went probably equal the amount of excited screaming children, the Reptile House is also home some giants, Aldabra and Galapagos tortoises.  It was truly a gift to see these gentle giants saunter through their Tortoise Trail yard munching on grass or basking in the sun.  One even tried to befriend a beautiful male peacock that shared his yard.

Inside the Reptile House, along its walls are elaborate enclosures for the varied species, depicting their native habitats.  In the center of the house stands a large enclosure separated in two.  Behind the glass crept the King Cobra, long and slender with a brilliant sheen.  The day we visited it was very active.  I was proud to see so many people excited as they crowded the glass to get a better look at this magnificent animal as it propelled itself straight up the glass.

African penguin

Next we took the Bird Valley trail; a path with many of the zoo’s crane species as well as flamingos and swans.  It is also here that you find the beloved Humbolt penguins.  A quaint babbling pebbled brook runs through their exhibit and opens into a pool with underwater viewing.  The Chaplin-like penguins jumped in and out of the water, popping out like tuxed torpedoes.  We even had the chance to catch the penguin feeding, some swam in the water catching the fish as they fell in while others preferred to stand atop the closest rock to the feeder and have them tossed to them.


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