Dolphin Tales

AT&T’s Dolphin Tales, the first production of its kind, was two years in the making, and started its performances eight months before my visit, in April of 2011.

After touring Coldwater Quest it was nearing the time of our ticketed showing of Dolphin Tales so we headed for the theatre.  Before entering the theatre there is a large underwater viewing window where we watched as some of the aquarium’s playful bottlenose dolphins did torpedo spins, twirls and appeared play chase with one another and approach the glass to look directly at you as if to say “Hi”.

bottlenose dolphin

Eager for the show we took seats in the splash zone and took in the stadium seating, the grand stage with a large tank surrounded by various entrances above and below the water for the performers, humans and dolphins alike, as well as the show’s backdrop and intense lighting set up.  With the score recorded with a large orchestra, Emmy-winning producers and directors on board and some of the world’s best animal trainers, Georgia Aquarium was pulling out all the stops to create a thrilling show.

The show is a fusion of musical Broadway performance and cleverly staged dolphin antics with plenty of interaction between human and dolphin performers, and full of heart and humour.  Dolphin Tales showcases the amazing abilities of the bright and social bottlenose dolphin, with vertical leaps, impressive jumps, twirls and squeaks as well as various other entertaining behaviours.

Other than walking away with a greater appreciation for these fantastic animals you are left with a deep-felt consciousness over the show’s message of the importance of caring for and about marine life.


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