Give the Gift of Nature

There are so many conservation organizations these days that when it comes time to find one that you want to support, donate to or get involved with it’s difficult to choose.  The Nature Conservancy of Canada is one that I recommend!

nature conservancy of canadaThe Nature Conservancy of Canada is a conservation organization that’s mission is “to protect our most important natural treasures – the natural areas that sustain Canada’s plants and wildlife.”  This season you can help by giving the Gift of Nature.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada was created by a group of men, Dr. J. Bruce Falls, Richard Pough, Aird Lewis and Dave Fowle, based in Ontario in the early 1960’s.  Their first project was Cavan Swamp in Ontario that covers around 3,400 acres of various wetlands and is home to many species of wildlife as well as 22 species of orchids.  Another big project from the Nature Conservancy of Canada was the reintroduction of 50 Plains bison to the plains in Saskatchewan in 2003.  The Nature Conservancy of Canada have helped to create and protect reserves, parks and various habitats from British Columbia to Newfoundland.  They have helped to conserve over 2.6 million acres of ecologically significant land across Canada.

The Nature Conservancy have also recently started a blog called Land LinesLand Lines offers cool facts, discoveries in the field of conservation and more interesting articles and research.

gift of natureWith the holidays and gift giving season around the corner the Nature Conservancy of Canada offers great gifts for educators to the person who has everything, for the environmentally conscious to the animal lover.  Give the Gift of Canadian Nature today!

Give the gift this season that does more and keeps giving!


**As a special, with the help of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, I will be giving away a Gifts of Canadian Nature package to one of my lucky readers for the 2013 season!

**To win please visit Lady of the Zoos on Facebook, LIKE us and tell us which Canadian species is your favourite and a winner will be chosen at random!**



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