Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

ripley's aquarium of canadaRipley’s Aquarium of Canada opened in October of 2013 in the heart of Toronto, Canada, beside the CN Tower.  The aquarium is home to 16,000 marine and freshwater animals from sharks to seahorses in over 5.7 million litres (1.5 million gallons) of water, spread over a 135,000 square foot facility.

Ripley’s Aquarium prides itself on showcasing the brilliance and importance of the aquatic world as well as the animals that call it home.  Their goal is “to entertain and inspire” while encouraging visitors “to act, to restore and conserve water quality and species habitats for the benefit of generations to come.”

aquatic life

jelly fish, lionfish, shark

The aquarium also offers educational programs with the themes of conservation, education and inspiration.  There are a range of interactive and exciting options for school age kids as well as adults that “provide participants with a deeper understanding of the aquatic world and the importance of environmental protection and conservation.”

Dangerous LagoonIf you’re looking for more than just a visit, the aquarium also offers a behind-the-scenes tour with one of their educators where you will explore the supports systems rooms, animal husbandry areas and more!  There is also the opportunity to sleep over below the shark tunnel for kids and adults in the comfort of your sleeping bag with sharks and rays overhead instead of stars.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is a great place for children and adults to visit, learn and explore.  With an easy flow set up you won’t miss a thing.  So stay tuned for more from my visit to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada as I take you with me from the Canadian Waters to the Dangerous Lagoon and more!


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