Photo Essay: Jaguar Cove

Jaguar CovePhoto Essay of Woodland Park Zoo’s Jaguar Cove

My favourite enclosure at the Woodland Park Zoo is also probably one of my favourite exhibits of all time – Jaguar Cove. I stared in awe as there in the distance, among the dense rain forest was a stunning jaguar.  He looked around and then stepped out into the open so I could see his gorgeous spotted coat, and started walking along the stream that flowed through his home and then delicately across the water and slipped behind the tall waterfall as if it were a dream.  That’s right I had to check myself, I was NOT in the rain forests of Central or South America I was in Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo.


+1,500 plants

Jaguar Cove

One of the largest and naturalistic exhibits for jaguars in any zoo

Jaguar Cove4′ deep pool with live fish and fed by waterfall

Jaguar CoveThe only underwater viewing opportunity of jaguars in a zoo anywhere

Jaguar Cove

The Woodland Park Zoo is home to a male and female jaguar who are mostly kept separate due to their solitary behaviour.  Both get to enjoy this amazing exhibit in the zoo’s Tropical Rain Forest exhibit.  Jaguar Cove is full of breath-taking scenery, with both real and fake plants and trees used as well as a large waterfall and live fish in the pond for enrichment as well as aesthetics.  Jaguar Cove truly stands out among not only other jaguar enclosures but all others too!

Have you ever fallen madly in love with an exhibit at a zoo?


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